What Ryobi Techno Aims to Achieve


Message from Top Management

By completing construction on its Kurashiki Factory, the Ryobi Techno Company has achieved a dream that it had been striving towards over many years. Upon reaching this important milestone, we hope to further widen the scope and heighten the level of our services, while meeting the increasingly diverse needs of our customers.

Regarding our primary business operations, namely, our sales/maintenance divisions, we hope to take on the challenge of introducing new commodities to our customers, and to pivot toward providing sales services on a wider geographic scale that goes beyond our current sales regions in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Additionally, we will establish a new manufacturing division and will begin manufacturing various types of specialized vehicles and specialized parts.

The keywords for the expansion of our business operations are “safety,” “peace of mind, “high quality,” “high technical expertise,” and “human development.” We will strive to earn the trust of a broader range of customers, while continually venturing into new business fields, as we aim to further develop Ryobi Techno as a company that supports customers well into the next generation. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

カンパニー長 木内 Ryobi Techno Company
Managing Executive Officer
Company President Kiuchi




By showing sincere caring and concern to those around us, we hope to bring smiles to the residents in our communities.

Ryobi Group employees share in the ideals of our founder who adhered to the motto of “showing caring and concern that comes from a sincere heart that is wider than the skies and deeper than the seas,” and this business principle of “sincerity and consideration, which can also be interpreted as care and consideration coming from a sincere heart” has been passed down to us. At the same time, we strive to maintain a business management policy that places the utmost importance on showing care and consideration to all of society, as a form of “social justice,“ consideration toward our customers, by placing “the customer first,” and consideration toward our employees by ensuring “employee happiness,” with the requirement that those in charge of business management and those engaged in work share in a full understanding of these ideals. The employment guidelines used at each of the group’s individual companies contains the words written above, and the principle of “sincerity and consideration” is something that is promised to the companies and employees that work within the Ryobi Group.

Indeed, the concept of “sincerity and consideration” is an immutable part of the Ryobi Group’s business management principles. Although the Japanese word representing this concept may seem difficult to grasp, we have interpreted this to mean care and consideration coming from a sincere heart, and we use it as a valuable metric that enables us to perform our work as Ryobi Group employees. The question we constantly ask ourselves is whether our work truly demonstrates care and consideration toward society and toward our customers.

This care and consideration that comes from a sincere heart is a principle that has allowed the Ryobi Group to grow during its nearly 100 years of existence. Furthermore, it is the principle foundation on which we will continue to grow over the next 100 years.


Ryobi Group Business Management Principles

Sincerity and Consideration

(Sincerity and consideration, which can also be interpreted as care and consideration coming from a sincere heart)

Ryobi Group Business Management Policies

For the good of society

The customer is first

Employee happiness

Code of Conduct
Awareness can only be gained through practice
Do it immediately/do it no matter what/keep doing it until it is complete

The Japanese idiom that can be roughly translated as “awareness can only be gained through practice” is a phrase used to teach that one’s knowledge should be made to match with what one has actually performed, and that if one comes across a good idea that they should always act on it. The idiom of “awareness can only be gained through practice” together with the concept of “do it immediately/do it no matter what/keep doing it until it is complete” both act as an everlasting code of conduct, and its effects can be seen in the way that we continue to rapidly expand our business operations.

Code of Conduct
Safety/peace of mind/ecologically friendly and health conscious

Safety, peace of mind, ecological friendliness, and health consciousness are all integral to the kinds of services that all customers seek. The innovation that the Ryobi Group brings to its fields of business operations finds its roots in business management that is conducted in harmony with these themes.


About the Ryobi Techno Company

Venturing into new fields based on the trust we have built up over the years and cutting-edge technologies

Ryobi Techno Company continues to provide its high technical expertise and reliability with the aim of ensuring safe driving, a top-level priority for the Ryobi Group. Through our work with all types of vehicles, ranging from consumer-owned small-scale vehicles to large-scale/specialized vehicles, crane vehicles, hydraulic excavators, and even industrial machinery, we provide such wide-ranging services from vehicle inspections/maintenance to vehicle body repair and paint services/vehicle body work, and we have built up a long track record and a high level of trust through our company’s history that spans more than 50 years.