Based on the key concept of “connecting people, connecting you to peace of mind,” we offer a wide range of sales services for everything from construction machinery to office supplies.
We act to adapt to our customers’ various needs.

We have brought together all of the human talent and informational resources of the Ryobi Techno Company to provide these services.
We have also widened the geographic scale of our sales region beyond the Tokyo and Hiroshima areas.
Mainly focusing on automobiles, heavy machinery, and specialized vehicles, we offer our customers with access to commodities that meet our customers’ diverse range of needs, such as those involving vehicle leasing, security, office systems, power supply systems, etc.



Security Office Systems Vehicle Sales/Leasing Insurance Power Supply Systems Industrial Facilities




  • We provide solutions to support customers in creating a workplace environment that is safe and reliable, by providing such things as security cameras, room entry-exiting management systems, automated security work, etc., and by installing and operating various security related devices. Our professional staff will provide you with the support that meets your needs.

  • セキュリティー



Office Systems

  • Here at the Ryobi Group, we make use of our comprehensive capabilities in order to create office environments that are ideal in terms of comfort, and we also provide total office coordinating services. We provide everything from proposals for construction work to develop office spaces, as well as to provide sales services for office consumables, enabling us to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

  • オフィスシステム



Vehicle Sales/Leasing

  • If you have any needs related to the sale of new and used vehicles, or have any needs for automobile related services, such as cost effective auto-lease deals, please leave the work to us. Regardless of whether you are an incorporated entity or an individual consumer, we can provide you with the plan that is ideal for you. Fully utilizing our strength as a company that has a maintenance factory located adjacent to our offices, we also offer our customers a comprehensive maintenance system.

  • 車両販売・リース




  • We also offer customers with the ideal total solution for property insurance/life insurance that most closely meets their needs.
    【Main Brands of Insurance Offered】
    We offer policies provided by Sompo Japan, Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service, Fuji Auto, and Meiji Yasuda, in addition to other companies.

  • 保険



Power Supply Systems

  • Industrial rechargeable batteries
  • Emergency power supplies
  • Charging stations for electrical vehicles
  • Solar power generation systems
  • LED lighting
  • LP gas power generation systems
  • Various types of electrical construction work



Industrial Facilities

  • Mobile Shuttle Lifts

    We also offer carriers that are capable of traveling while carrying cargo. Since they are equipped with diesel engines, there is no need for construction work to install power supplies. We can also provide them in custom sizes.

    Fire Engine Body Fabrication Work – Nakamura Shobokagaku Co., Ltd.

    A manufacturer that utilizes cutting edge technology to manufacture and sell fire engines that are resistant to fires. Their fire engines have been built with specially equipped vehicle bodies.

  • 産業設備