We mainly focusing on providing parts necessary for automobile and heavy machinery vehicle bodies, etc., in addition to fabricating parts originally designed by our company that meet the needs of our customers.

This division was established in June of 2017, in conjunction with the completion of construction at our Kurashiki Factory.
Making use of the facilities handed down by our company, this division fully utilizes its technical expertise related to cutting, bending, lathe, and milling work techniques, etc., in order to manufacture products that are used in vehicle bodies.
By conducting joint parts manufacturing with our Maintenance Division, we are now able to offer an even wider range of services.
It is now possible for us to provide parts for which the original manufacturer has run out of stock or for which production has ended, and we are also able to fabricate “one-off” parts that can be designed based on original design drawings.
If there are parts that you have given up on trying to source on your own, we highly recommend that you consider consulting with one of our dedicated sales representatives.





Ryobi Techno’s Manufacturing Expertise

  • Made-to-Order Production

    Our Manufacturing Division mainly focuses on fabricating special-order parts. If you have any projects for which you wish you “could find a specialized part even if the delivery time is long,” or you are “in a rush to source a part that would take the original manufacturer a long time to deliver,” we highly recommend that you reach out to us at Ryobi Techno. Our newly established Kurashiki Factory is equipped with milling machines, lathes, shearing machines, press brakes, etc., and we are able to fabricate original products with a great degree of freedom. Since our company fabricates the parts on our own, one of our strengths is our fast delivery of such parts. We already receive steady orders from a number of our existing clients, and we aim to further expand our sales channels.

  • 製造技術


  • Main Products from our Kurashiki Factory

    • Pins and bushings for carriers
    • Bolts, nuts
    • Flanges
    • Camshafts (for reinforcement repairs)
    • Hubs (for reinforcement repairs)
    • Chambers
    • Various other mechanical parts
  • 製造技術



Kurashiki Factory


The pre-opening of our Kurashiki Factory was held on June 7th.

Azashinminato 8259-59, Tamashima Otoshima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 713-8103, Japan
TEL. 086-436-6801




  • 新車販売

    Mobile Shuttle Lifts

    We also offer carriers that are capable of traveling while carrying cargo. Since they are equipped with diesel engines, there is no need for construction work to install power supplies. We can also provide them in custom sizes.

  • 新車販売

    Various Other Products

    We offer “Vehicle Rust Prevention Coatings” (Tough-Coat) that provide long-term rust prevention and “Mobile Lifts,” a product that can be used in locations where a fixed-type lift is not available, among other products.



Facilities Overview

  • 設備紹介
    Large-Scale Paint Booth
  • 設備紹介
    Frame Repairing Machine
  • 設備紹介
    3-Part Floor Lift
  • 設備紹介
    Inspection Area Equipped with Load Testing Device
Okayama Factory

Twin-Lift: 5 units  Single-Lift: 4 units  Vehicle Repair Pit: 2 pits  Paint Facilities: 2 pits  Gate-Type Lift: 5 units
Mobile-Lift: 1 unit  Floor-Operated Crane: (10t, 5t, 2.8t, 2.5t)  Hose Fabrication Machine: 1 unit  Diesel-Pro Machine: 1 unit

Kurashiki Factory

Large-Scale Paint Facilities: 2 booths  Frame Repairing Machine: 1 unit  Load Testing Device: 1 unit   3-Part Floor Lift: 1 pit
Floor-Lift: 1 pit  3-Column Lift: 1 unit  4-Column Lift: 1 unit  Mobile Gate-Type Life (Shuttle-Lift): 1 unit
Gate-Type Life: 1 unit  Mobile-Lift: 2 sets  Mobile Shuttle-Lift: 1 unit  Sky-Lift: 1 unit
Floor-Operated Crane (10t x 3 units, 5t x 1 unit, 2.8t x 2 units)  Automated Vehicle Undercarriage Washing Machine: 1 unit  Test-Lift for Car Washing Use: 1 unit