Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Heavy Machine

Based on our extensive track record and high level of maintenance expertise, we offer safe and reliable inspection and maintenance services for everything from construction machinery vehicles to specialized vehicles.

Using Ryobi Techno’s exceptional technical know-how and high level of maintenance expertise, we perform inspections/maintenance/repairs of construction machinery vehicles, industrial vehicles/machinery and specialized vehicles.
At our company owned inspection site, we are able to perform various periodic inspections for cranes, forklifts, compressors, etc.






  • Inspections/Examinations

    Inspections for vehicle-type construction machinery must be performed by inspectors that possess certain qualifications. At Ryobi Techno, with “peace of mind/safety” as our motto, we provide truly reliable inspection/examination services.

    • Specified self-inspections, monthly inspections, and annual examinations for cranes
    • Specified self-inspections and monthly inspections for excavators
    • Specified self-inspections and monthly inspections for forklifts
    • Periodic inspections of compressors
    • Periodic inspections of vehicles for airport-use
  • Various Repairs

    Please feel free to inquire as we offer services to alleviate any of your vehicle related troubles, for everything from oil changes, element replacement, engine torque convertor/transmission repairs, and electrical and hydraulic system repairs.

    • Welding, vehicle body work, overhauls, emergency repairs
    • Seasonal (off-season) inspections


Leave it to Ryobi Techno to take care of anything from daily maintenance to emergency repairs and legal inspections.

Performance inspections, vehicle inspections, specified self-inspections, oil leakage repairs for annual inspections, electrical failures, body repairs/welding, overhauls


Manufacturers: Kobelco, Nippon Caterpillar, Kato Works Co., Ltd., Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.

Wheel Loaders

Performance inspections, vehicle inspections, specified self-inspections, annual inspections, oil leakage repairs, electrical failures, body work/welding, overhauls


Monthly inspections, specified self-inspections, maintenance, repairs
Manufacturers: Shinko Forklifts, Sumitomo Nacco Forklift Co., Ltd.


Periodic inspections and maintenance for compressors
Manufacturer: Kobelco

JR Track Maintenance Vehicles

We perform inspections/maintenance and emergency repairs for track maintenance/inspection cars, large-scale forklifts, as well as track motor cars for the JR West Japan Railway Company’s Shinkansen bullet car line.
For the Japan Freight Railway Company and Nippon Express, we provide inspections/maintenance and emergency repairs for freight replacement cars.

Specialized Vehicles and Work Vehicles

We perform periodic inspections, emergency repairs, and repairs of malfunctioning parts for large-scale transport vehicles used at iron works and airport GSE vehicles. We also perform inspections/maintenance and repairs of fire engines.
Manufacturer: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

*Please note that we are capable of performing inspection and repairs for vehicles other than those mentioned above. In regards to sales and leasing of new construction vehicles, etc., our Sales Division is engaged in such activities.


Distributor/Designated Factory

Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd., Sato Works Co., Ltd., Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd., Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Nacco Material Handling Co., Ltd., Kobelco Compressors Corporation, Railtec Co., Ltd., Japan Freight Railway Company, etc.


Business Operations

  • Specified self-inspections business – Okayama No. 11
  • Forklifts, rough terrain haulers, aerial work platforms
  • Vehicular construction machinery (levelling, conveyance, loading-use, excavation and dismantling-use, foundational construction-use, compaction-use)
  • Construction machinery, inspections and maintenance of specialized vehicles, general repairs
  • At-customer repairs, in-factory repairs, parts sales
  • Mobile crane inspections, various inspections
  • Engine maintenance and horsepower testing for various manufacturers



Heavy Machinery Sales

  • New Vehicle Sales

    Manufacturer/product lineup:
    Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Kobelco Crane Co., Ltd.
    CAT, Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., Kato Works Co., Ltd.

  • 新車販売
  • 新車販売
  • New/Used Vehicle Sales

    We accept trade-ins for excavators/cranes, and we offer negotiation/mediation services to Ryobi Techno customers so that we can find the type of machinery that they are in search of.
    Additionally, we also perform buying of used heavy machinery, by making use of our right to access auction sites located in the city of Kobe. We are able to sell you vehicles that meet your specific budget and needs.



Heavy Machinery Sales Division

We also perform such things as inspection and maintenance, repairs, specified self-inspections, vehicle inspections, and monthly inspections, etc., for construction machinery vehicles, industrial vehicles, and specialized vehicles, and if you have any inquiries related to heavy machinery, please feel free to contact us.

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