Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

We operate the largest, privately-owned vehicle inspection maintenance factory in the Western region of Japan.
By providing vehicle inspections/maintenance repairs with cutting-edge facilities and our reliable technical knowledge, we provide our customers with peace of mind.

As a private vehicle inspection and maintenance factory that has been designated by the Chugoku Transport & Tourism Bureau, we provide all types of vehicle inspection and maintenance services for everything from small-scale (“kei” light automobiles/normal passenger cars) to large-scale (buses/trucks)/specialized vehicles.
Our facilities are fully equipped to perform all types of repairs and vehicle body repair and paint services. If you have any vehicle related maintenance needs, please leave the work to us.






Ryobi Techno Vehicle Inspection Features
Customers are provided with peace of mind since we operate a private vehicle inspection shop that has been designated by the Chugoku Transport & Tourism Bureau

As a factory that meets a number of specified standards, related to such things as factory facilities, technical expertise, management and organizational systems, our factory stands out from other certified factories that perform vehicle inspections, as we have been designated as a specified vehicle maintenance business by the Chugoku Transport & Tourism Bureau. Our team includes a large number of vehicle repair mechanics/inspection staff members and we are able to reliably and rapidly perform vehicle inspections of our customers’ beloved vehicles.


Speedy inspections using our fully equipped facilities

As one of the first companies to install such facilities as large-scale lifts, over our long history, we have provided services to customers that primarily work in the truck transportation industry that serves as the backbone of the domestic freight transportation system.
Additionally, we are also capable of providing inspections in as short a time as possible, when compared to other companies, making it easier for our customers to perform their work.


Continuous monitoring to allow for prevention of sudden malfunction and need for repairs

By performing continuous, periodic inspections/vehicle inspections/general maintenance, we offer our customers with a comprehensive system to monitor and perform centralized management of their vehicles. Based on such things as mileage driven/model year/maintenance history, etc., we not only perform meticulous maintenance work, but we can also make proposals to provide our customers with the optimal level of service in order to provide them with peace of mind and ensure their safety.


Capable of servicing hybrid vehicles

In order to perform hybrid vehicle maintenance, specialized knowledge is an absolute necessity. More specifically, for hybrid vehicles, which make use of electricity as their driving force, it is necessary to have knowledge to handle low voltage systems. In addition to providing periodic inspections and vehicle inspections, we have multiple staff members that possess such specialized knowledge, and who are capable of performing everything from the replacement of consumables to fuel efficiency inspections, and we provide such services with the utmost consideration and thoroughness.





  • 新車販売

    Tough-Coat (Vehicle Rust Prevention Coating)

    This vehicle rust prevention system was developed in Sweden. This system consists of 3 different types of rust prevention agents. In addition to preventing corrosion in areas prone to the occurrence of rust, such as welded joints and metallic joints, this system makes use of capillary phenomena to allow the agents to more deeply penetrate areas that have rusted, preventing further progression of such rusting.

  • 新車販売

    Scania Dealer

    “Scania” is a Swedish truck manufacturer that holds the 3rd largest share of large-scale trucks manufactured in the world. Focusing mainly on tractor trailer heads, we offer our customers with vehicle solutions that meet their needs, such as wing-body trucks and mobile crane trucks.



Facilities Overview

  • 設備紹介
    Large-Scale Paint Booth
  • 設備紹介
    Frame Repairing Machine
  • 設備紹介
    3-Part Floor Lift
  • 設備紹介
    Inspection Area Equipped with Load Testing Device
Okayama Factory

Twin-Lift: 5 units  Single-Lift: 4 units  Vehicle Repair Pit: 2 pits  Paint Facilities: 2 pits  Gate-Type Lift: 5 units
Mobile-Lift: 1 unit  Floor-Operated Crane: (10t, 5t, 2.8t, 2.5t)  Hose Fabrication Machine: 1 unit  Diesel-Pro Machine: 1 unit

Kurashiki Factory

Large-Scale Paint Facilities: 2 booths  Frame Repairing Machine: 1 unit  Load Testing Device: 1 unit   3-Part Floor Lift: 1 pit
Floor-Lift: 1 pit  3-Column Lift: 1 unit  4-Column Lift: 1 unit  Mobile Gate-Type Life (Shuttle-Lift): 1 unit
Gate-Type Life: 1 unit  Mobile-Lift: 2 sets  Mobile Shuttle-Lift: 1 unit  Sky-Lift: 1 unit
Floor-Operated Crane (10t x 3 units, 5t x 1 unit, 2.8t x 2 units)  Automated Vehicle Undercarriage Washing Machine: 1 unit  Test-Lift for Car Washing Use: 1 unit



Vehicle Maintenance Sales Division

Based on our company’s catchphrase of “heart-FULL maintenance,” our service staff/mechanics provide our customers with vehicle maintenance services that place a top priority on safety and customer peace of mind.

Ryobi Techno Company

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