Privacy Policy


Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)


Upon receiving a product or service, etc., from our company, there may be cases where we ask for your personal information.
Our company fully recognizes the absolute importance of protecting the personal information of our customers, and we believe that unless we are able to protect our customers’ personal information, it would be impossible to maintain a healthy business relationship.
In order to establish an even greater relationship of trust, we hereby publicly disclose our company’s privacy policy.
1.Our company will not use customer personal information for any purposes other than the following.
  1. To contact you by postal mail, telephone, email, etc., in order to notify you of periodic inspections, vehicle inspections, and the expiration of insurance policies, etc.
  2. To contact you by postal mail, telephone, email, etc., in order to notify you of our product offerings, services, and various events and campaigns, etc.
  3. To conduct questionnaire surveys for product development purposes or to consider measures to further increase customer satisfaction.
  4. For credit check and credit management purposes.
  5. In order to provide the following personal information to one of our cooperating companies in writing or by email.
Items to be provided: Postal address/name/date of birth/phone number and information concerning business transactions conducted with the customer
2.Our company will not provide any customer personal information to third parties, without due cause, excluding cases where we are providing the information to the parties given in 1 through 5 above. However, please note that for cases where the items shown below apply to the customer or the customer’s guarantor, there may be cases where we will jointly use such customer personal information with our cooperating companies for the purposes of conducting credit checks or as reference materials for transactions made after a contract has been executed.
  1. For cases where a commercial bill/personal check is dishonored, or for cases where the customer has ceased payments.
  2. For cases where a postponement of partial or full payment to our company has been requested, and where our company agrees to this request.
  3. For cases involving an individual consumer, where payment to our company is delayed due to the customer’s own circumstances.
  4. For cases where the customer has filed for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, company liquidation, special liquidation, etc., or where the customer has had their business license revoked by their regulatory authorities.

The information that is subject to joint use will be limited to postal address, name, date of birth, phone number, workplace and the date of contract, name of product, price of contract, number of payments, remaining balance for contract, monthly payment status, etc.
In regards to customer personal information, our company will be responsible for managing the information that is subject to joint use.

3.If the customer wishes to verify or correct the customer personal information that our company possesses, we will agree to disclose this information if a form, as specified by our company is submitted. In order to obtain the form to request disclosure of this information, please inquire further at our company’s customer service center. If you wish to request disclosure of this information, please prepare a form of identification (driver’s license, etc.). Please note that we charge a fee of 500 yen for each item of personal information that you wish for us to disclose.
4.Contact Number for Inquiries Related to the Handling of Personal Information
  • Our Company’s Customer Service Center – Tel. 086-241-0441
5.Our company vows to strictly comply with Japanese law pertaining to the handling of customer personal information, as well as other regulations and standards.
6.Our company will make every effort to implement safety measures to prevent the leaking, manipulation, and loss, etc., of customer personal information.
7.Our company will periodically conduct audits related to the handling of customer personal information and will constantly make every effort to continually improve such practices.
Established on April 1st, 2005
Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd., Ryobi Techno Company
CEO, Akimasa Watanabe