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We would like to express our sincere gratitude that you have accessed our website.
At Ryobi Techno Company, we provide sales and maintenance services for everything from consumer-owned vehicles to large-scale trucks, buses, heavy machinery, and industrial devices/facilities.
Additionally, through our office systems and security business operations, etc., we offer services that are closely intertwined with the everyday lives of our customers.
The keywords for the expansion of our business operations are “safety,” “peace of mind,” “high quality,” and “high technical expertise,” and we continue to make rapid progress as we aim to realize our motto of providing the “number 1 service in Japan.” Our product offerings span a very broad range. We humbly ask that you take the time to browse our website contents, and we look forward to your patronage and continued usage of this website.
カンパニー長 木内 Ryobi Techno Company
Company President Kiuchi


Company Outline

Company Name Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. – Ryobi Techno Company

【Okayama Factory】
570, Nishiichi, Minami-ku Okayama-shi, Okayama, 700-0953, Japan
TEL:086-241-0441 FAX:086-241-8133

【Kurashiki Factory】
Azashinminato 8259-59, Tamashima Otoshima, Kurashiki-shi (inside of Tamashima Harbor Island)
TEL:086-436-6801 FAX:086-436-6802

【Sales Headquarters】
717-103, Shimonakano, Kita-ku Okayama-shi, 700-0973, Japan
TEL:086-243-0584 FAX:086-245-1466

【Sales Headquarters Tokyo Branch Office】
3-2-16, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0023, Japan (Tamachi East Building 3F)
TEL:03-3769-7878 FAX:03-3769-7877

【Fukuyama Branch Office】
6-12-31, Tajimecho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, 720-0824, Japan (inside of the Chugoku Bus factory)
TEL:084-953-8666 FAX:084-953-5394

Contents of Business Operations

【Sales Headquarters】
Security/Office Systems
Security cameras, mechanical/human security services, room entry/exiting management systems, teleconferencing systems, business phones/various displays, office space design services, partition construction work/raised-access floors, furniture for use in nursing care facilities/office furniture sales, security/disaster risk management supplies
Power Supply Systems
UPS, DC power supplies, various rechargeable batteries, solar power generation systems, fast charging systems for electrical vehicle use
Industrial Facilities
Compressors, material handling equipment
Construction Machinery
Sales and purchasing services for various types of cranes, hydraulic excavators, snow removal machines, power generators, and other various used machines, in addition to maintenance
Automobiles and Insurance
Sales and purchasing services for new and used vehicles, car leasing and loan services, various insurance services

【Automobile Maintenance Sales Division】
Maintenance services for “kei” light automobiles/normal passenger cars/large-scale automobiles (buses, trucks), etc.

【Heavy Machinery Maintenance Sales Division】
Inspection and maintenance, general repairs, and specified self-inspections for construction machinery, specialized vehicles, and industrial facilities, etc.