We do our utmost to support our customers for all varieties of requests.
We are professionals in the fields of automobiles and machinery.


We are a team of maintenance professionals.

We are a team of maintenance professionals that work with everything from large-scale to small-scale vehicles, as well as specialized vehicles, and we meet the wide-ranging needs of our customers by providing everything from vehicle inspection/vehicle maintenance services to vehicle body repairs and paint services, in addition to services geared toward the latest energy-conserving/ecologically-friendly vehicles!

What Ryobi Techno Aims to Achieve


01 Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

We perform such things as inspections and maintenance for construction machinery (cranes, excavators) and specialized vehicles, specified self-inspections and examinations/monthly inspections for mobile cranes and cranes.


02 Automobiles

Automobile Maintenance

Our facilities are fully equipped with all of the equipment needed to provide various services, ranging from vehicle inspections/vehicle maintenance to vehicle body repairs and paint services for everything from small-scale (“kei” light automobiles/normal passenger cars) to large-scale (buses/trucks)/specialized vehicles.


03 Production


We mainly fabricate vehicle body parts necessary for automobiles and heavy machinery, etc., as well as parts we have originally designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.


04 Sales


Based on our motto of “connecting people, connecting you to peace of mind,” we strive to unearth new commodities and bring them to market.
We are engaged in the sales of a wide range of products, from construction machinery to office supplies. We can adapt to the needs of any customer.



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