Interviews of Current Employees


I aim to perform maintenance work that ensures safety/reliability, and to eventually gain the skills and experience necessary to have people entrust me with greater responsibilities.

Industrial Machinery Maintenance, Hideki Ikeda


  • Future Dreams

    As you encounter different kinds of machinery each time, and perform repairs and maintenance, you are able to build up experience to deal with a variety of different cases. By fully utilizing and applying the knowledge and skills that I have built up over the last 10 years, I aim to gain further maintenance expertise so that I can continue to earn the customer’s trust.

    Reasons for Joining the Company

    Since I liked activities involving engineering and machinery, I had been considering entering a field such as this. At the Okayama Science and Technology College, my alma mater, I received an introduction from my teacher to this company, as a workplace where I could fully utilize what I had learned. I decided to join this company because I was interested in working with a wide variety of vehicles.

  • What made you happiest after joining the company?

    I joined this company 10 years ago, and 4 years ago I was transferred to a department in Industrial Machinery Maintenance that is in charge of air compressor inspections/maintenance. Similar to engines, these parts act as a linchpin in many systems, and I learned that even for just industrial machinery there are a wide variety of different types. I felt happy that I was given the opportunity to work with machines that I had never seen before.

    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    Since these parts are used internally in a machine, often times it is difficult to identify the cause of malfunctions or failures. There are also times that I struggle to come up with a solution to fix a problem... What is difficult about such work is that compressors vary so much in their type and year of manufacture, so it is necessary to acquire wide ranging knowledge on machines in order to solve such problems.

    When do you feel the most fulfillment from your job?

    There are even times when we receive machines that I have never seen before... After disassembling them and identifying the root cause of the failure, I feel happiness and a sense of achievement when I am able to fix the problem. It is quite rewarding when you are able to gain more and more technical expertise each time you go through such an experience. Quite frequently I am able to find hints for solutions in casual conversations I have with my peers and senior colleagues.


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