Interviews of Current Employees


I wish to learn Japanese and acquire the technical expertise of automobile mechanics in Japan, so that I can actively utilize it in my future career.

Small-Scale Vehicle Maintenance, Dinh Hieu Nguyen


  • Future Dreams

    Through my current work I hope to build up a solid foundation of maintenance expertise, and to learn about automotive technology in Japan, and I have a dream of starting an automotive company in Vietnam in the future.

    Reasons for Joining the Company

    Back in Vietnam, I was involved in work to design automotive parts, but in 2014, I moved with my family to Japan, with the intention of learning about Japanese automobile maintenance techniques. In 2015, I enrolled in the Okayama Science and Technology College where I studied about electrical systems, and I decided to join the famous company “Ryobi” through an introduction provided by my teacher.

  • What made you happiest after joining the company?

    After joining the company, I was assigned to the Large-Scale Maintenance Division, and I am mainly in charge of vehicle inspections for large-scale vehicles. The first time I was tasked with an overhaul of a faulty transmission I had to disassemble and reassemble it myself, and I was very happy when it worked.

    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    For large-scale vehicle maintenance, the vehicle parts are all heavy. It takes a lot of strength to hold, carry, and attach such parts and it is hard work (laughs). My Japanese is still not very good, and I am currently trying very hard to learn some words, so I am very grateful that everyone is so nice and speaks to me slowly and is patient when they listen to me.

    When do you feel the most fulfillment from your job?

    Whenever I am able to complete maintenance work on a large automobile by communicating effectively with my company buddies, I truly feel “glad.” When I go home, I spend time with my family, and on days off I get to play with my children, and in those moments, I find relief and feel that I am fortunate to have found work at a Japanese company.


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