Interviews of Current Employees


I hope to better convey the customers’ needs to other individuals at the worksite, so that I can better perform work that makes our customers happy.

Automobile Section, Shinichi Idei


  • Future Dreams

    What is most important is that I fully utilize the experience that I have gained through working in various departments, in order to gain the trust of our customers. Additionally, by continuing to develop relationships with my senior colleagues and peers, I hope to further develop as a human so that I am well-liked by my junior colleagues and subordinates.

    Reasons for Joining the Company

    I had always liked vehicles, ever since I was a child, and I specifically had an interest in large-scale buses. Eventually, I felt that I wanted to get involved in bus maintenance and I went on to enroll in a high school that had a course of study on automobiles. I continued to harbor this dream, and upon seeking employment, I decided to apply to the Ryobi Group, a stable company and one of the largest bus companies in the prefecture.

  • What made you happiest after joining the company?

    After joining the company, I was first placed in charge of conducting vehicle inspections for large-scale and small-scale vehicles, and after working in sales at the Leasing Business Division, I was assigned to the front office, which acts as the company’s point of contact, and have been working there since last year. Out of all of the experiences that I’ve had working in various departments, most memorably, I can remember how happy I was when I first diagnosed and repaired a car on my own.

    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    In order to work with customers that visit us with various concerns related to their vehicles, it is vital to possess the mechanical knowledge necessary to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. Additionally, since the symptoms of the car will determine which department a request must be made to, it is also imperative to constantly observe and have an accurate understanding of what kind of work is being performed at the work site.

    When do you feel the most fulfillment from your job?

    As I am in charge of large-scale vehicles, it is also necessary for me to have the ability to accurately grasp the customer’s needs so that I can determine which department the request should be made to. I feel a sense of relief and feel rewarded when the orders that I make allow for on-site work to flow smoothly, leading to the maintenance work to be completed within the customer’s requested timeframe, helping us to earn the gratitude of the customer.


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