Interviews of Current Employees


I want to engage in my work while reminding myself of the responsibility that “maintenance work protects the lives of people.

Large-Scale Vehicle Maintenance, Yudai Tsutsui

Joined the Company in 2015 - Okayama Automobile Engineering College


  • Future Dreams

    In the future, I hope to experience work involving everything from regular passenger cars to engine work for large-scale vehicles and electrical systems work. During my years in technical college, I was able to obtain my certification as a 2nd class mechanic. I hope that I am able to get my automobile inspector certification in addition to other various certifications, so that I can widen the scope of the kind of work I can handle, and would like to become someone that all of my coworkers can rely on.

    Reasons for Joining the Company

    I had originally liked cars, and since I wanted to do automobile maintenance work, I pursued my studies by enrolling in the Okayama Science and Technology College. The reason that I wished to join this company was because I wanted to gain experience in maintenance work involving not only small-scale vehicles, but for large-scale vehicles as well. Since joining the company, I have been placed in charge of performing vehicle inspection and repair work for buses and trucks.

  • What made you happiest after joining the company?

    I am basically the type of person that likes to use my hands to constantly tinker with things and I tend to get engrossed in my work, and my superiors and my senior colleagues often see this and praise me for it. It makes me happy that my coworkers notice and acknowledge how much effort I put into my work.

    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    As I am mainly in charge of vehicle inspection work, for example, when I am working on vehicles such as buses where such a large number of human lives are at stake, I am constantly reminded of the immense importance and responsibility that comes with my work. Additionally, a single mistake on the job could cause someone to get severely injured, and I am always sure never to let my concentration falter.

    When do you feel the most fulfillment from your job?

    Whenever I fix a malfunctioning vehicle or vehicle that has been in an accident that has been brought in on a tow-truck, I always feel a sense of pride once I see it drive home on its own. Although there are times where I feel frustration when I am not able to properly fix something, the time that I was able to fix a large machine after making so many failed attempts brought such a great sense of satisfaction that I felt, “I am glad that I gave it my best.”


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