Interviews of Current Employees


I would like to further hone the reliable skills that I have received, and I would like to pass these skills on to others.

Vehicle Body Maintenance, Ryousuke Tani

Joined the Company in 2017 - Graduated from Okayama Science and Technology College


  • Future Dreams

    There are times when we fix vehicles that are quite old, however, I am able to receive the knowledge passed down from staff members many years my senior that possess such extensive experience. I would like to continue to develop so that I too can gain a solid grasp of such technical expertise, so that one day, I will also be able to fix any kind of vehicle, and then I can pass these skills down to my junior coworkers.

    Reasons for Joining the Company

    During my technical college days, I knew that I wanted to do automobile maintenance work and I was able to obtain my certification as a 2nd class mechanic. At my previous workplace, I worked for 3 and a half years and was able to perform automobile maintenance, however, I had a desire to perform vehicle body work and I consulted with my superiors. The reason that I joined this company was that it offered me the opportunity to perform such vehicle body work with my own hands.

  • What made you happiest after joining the company?

    Since my senior coworkers and my peers go out of their way to teach me things in a considerate way, I can say that workplace atmosphere is extremely nice. Being part of a group that includes so many car lovers, I feel so at ease as we engage in such lively discussions on car related topics during break-time, regardless of our respective age or departments we are assigned to.

    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    One thing I find interesting is the fact that we are given the opportunity to use such a wide variety of tools for performing things from small-scale vehicle maintenance to large-scale vehicle body repairs. Although some of the work requires caution, as it involves the use of fire, or requires us to carry heavy parts, our senior staff members and superiors teach us the tricks of the trade in such a friendly way.

    When do you feel the most fulfillment from your job?

    I am learning so much since I get to perform maintenance for such a wide variety of vehicle models from different manufacturers. Although I am frequently required to struggle with difficult fabrication related problems and am forced to think things through, when doing such work as creating parts by pounding steel plates or performing modification or restoration work on vehicle bodies, I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I am able to fix things in a way that exceeds even my own expectations.


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